For Kyiv it was characteristic to create video artworks similar to those created by squatters of Parkomuna (a squat on Mykhailivska Street, back then – Paris Commune Street) and related artists, such as Oleksander Hnylytskyj, Iliya Chichkan, Arsen Savadov, Georgiy Senchenko, Kirill Protsenko, etc. Thus, Oleksandr Solovyov believes that the emergence of video art at Parkomuna is related to the lack of exhibition activities in Ukraine shortly after independence. Interestingly enough, almost all those artists returned to traditional forms of art by the end of the 1990s... Read more




It is important to note that the artists in Ukraine showed interest in the creative potential of new digital and electronic media disregarding the absence of highly developed home electronic industry, well-equipped scientific research centres, cultural institutions supporting media artists as well as courses in new media studies available within the framework of state higher education. This gave an impetus for the creation of Info Media Bank program at the Soros Center for Contemporary Art (SCCA) in Kyiv in 1997... Read more


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