History of Odessa video art


Odessa art scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s overall did not recognise video as an art material. The so called 'painterly underground of Odessa' together with the representatives of the New Wave (Ukrainian transavant-garde of the second half of the 1980's) did not feel the need nor had resources to tackle this particular media. The very few residents of Odessa that had some kind of personal links with the Moscow art scene could think of video as their creative tool. It is quite telling that the very first video works of Odessa artists were created in Moscow or targeted Moscow. The major part of Odessa video art of the period was created as part of an installation, i.e. the working (or in some instances broken or unplugged) screen was used as a metaphor for a ready-made. This approach to video in Odessa, with a very few exceptions, continued through the 1990s. Read more




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