The Soros Center for Contemporary Art - Kyiv (SCCA - Kyiv, 1993 - 2008) - was a non-profit foundation which had been created with funding by George Soros and as a part of the internatinal SCCA Network to support contemporary visual arts in Ukraine, integrating a system of grants directed toward the support of exhibitions curated by Ukrainian art professionals and curators, commissioning of artist projects, artist participation in international exhibitions and symposia, distribution of information relating to international exhibition opportunities, documentation on the country visual art activities and studies in this area,eductaional opportunities, and a wide range of materials and international periodicals relating to contemporary visual art and theory.


In Fall 1995 SCCA - Kyiv moved into a restored and renovated 18th century historical landmark (near Kyiv Mohyla Academy), forming a composite visual arts center which runned three autonomous programs: Info Media Bank, Gallery Program, Grant & Education Program. The same year CCA Gallery emerged where there were opportunities for exhibitioning for various domestic and foreign artists including SCCA - Kyiv Programs participants.


Yuri Onuch (director), Marta Kuzma (Gallery Program director), Ludmila Motsuk (Grant & Education Program coordinator), Natalia Manzhali (Info Media Bank Program coordinator), Julia Vaganova, Katerina Stukalova, Olga Zhuk, Nadiya Prigodich, Katerina Kit were in SCCA - Kyiv staff.


SCCA - Kyiv was closed in 2008 but gave legacy to other instituion - Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art.

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