Come as you are

Alexander Vereshchak, Margarita Zinets

2003 | Kyiv | video installation

Shot in Kyiv’s main street Khreshchatyk, the video shows women hurrying along the street or walking carelessly, alone or immersed in a conversation. The artwork becomes a sort of a research into sex roles, attractant behavior, and the idea of beauty common in Ukrainian cultural environment. The work deals with the notions of attraction, loneliness, as well as the issue of fashion and its perception in a closed society.


Sound design by Lesja Zajac.


Production facility by Instituion of Unstable Thoughts.


«Come as you are» was first exhibited in CCA Gallery in a custom made round space. The projector in this space was moving as fast as people on the video.

Vereshchak (12)
Zinets (12)