Siesta / Moments

Alexander Vereshchak, Margarita Zinets

1998 | Kyiv | video art

«Siesta / Moments» is an experiment in editing, in which we tried to explore relations within development of time and events, time and images, and the impact of editing transformations to emotional and content aspects of the image.


The images consist of short temporal cuts overlapping each other, that become constantly repeated and stretch out the painful moments, fill the perception so totally and intensively that turn one short swiftly developing plot into independent and isolated island of memory. Such type of editing allowed the artists to construct the model of time that from artists’ point of view expresses human sensations in a moment of breaking taboo, the feeling of a person in extreme cases.


The movement of consciousness over the chain of events, ach link of which repeats one another, creates a rigid construction and represents one of the ways of perception. The horrible and attractive areas of human fears create in consciousness an all-sufficient structure that exists within its own laws of perception.


The footage used for this artwork is from the motion picture «Siesta» (1987).

Vereshchak (12)
Zinets (12)