Train goes

Alexander Vereshchak, Margarita Zinets

1999 | Kyiv | video installation

«Train Goes»  as well as «Videoball»  are video installations each presented as still camera footage projected on two walls facing each other. However despite similar technical implementation these installations rather explore different types of human relations and behavior in virtual spaces.


«Train Goes» presents an ephemeral velocity of visual perception and tries to fix its traces in the inner temporal sensitiveness of the viewer. A plain and solitary environment of the image into which a fast-moving train interferes, and on which the individual perception is casted, implies a huge scope of temporal inflections such as apparition, mirage, mislook, illusion, déjà vu, nostalgia and presentiment. Altogether they emphasize a uniqueness of individual perception within the common cognitive structures, and human loneliness which drives the narration.


In their simplicity and through emptiness between the walls both installations mark the gap in perception, an element of disorder interwoven to the visual narrative, and anxiety one is familiar with in personal experience.

Vereshchak (12)
Zinets (12)